Waddler Class 12 months to about 18 months: Having your child in the waddler room will allow him or her to develop their large motor skills and to become steadier on their feet before joining the older toddlers. Many of the same concepts from the infant room will still apply. Your child will still be allowed to follow their own sleeping schedule; however meals and snack times will follow the same schedule as the toddler class. If your child is showing signs of hunger they will be given additional snacks to keep them comfortable. While in the waddler class they will begin learning how to sit at a table and will no longer be placed in a high chair. Their time in the waddler class will prepare them for the transition into a group with children 18 months of age and up to 3 years.

Waddlers: Parents/guardians, you are responsible for providing diapers, wipes, and any type of special food your child may need. Your child’s lead teacher will communicate with you when your child is running low.

Waddlers Daily Schedule:

6:00am The Learning Academy opens, Child selected activities*
7:30am Wash up, Prayer, Breakfast
8:00am Child selected activities, Teachers assist with diapers/potty and shoes/coats
8:30am Outside, Gross motor play
9:00am  Child selected activities
9:30am Wash up, Prayer, Snack
10:00am Child selected activities, Teacher directed activities
11:30am Wash up, Prayer, Lunch time
12:00pm Nap time, Library and quiet activities for early risers
2:30pm Wash up, Prayer, Snack
3:00pm Story on carpet, Puzzles, Child directed activities
3:45pm Outside, Gross motor play
4:30pm-6:00pm Late Snack, Child selected activities, Goodbyes

*Please remember this is a sample day and there are always exceptions and children will be encouraged to participate in group activities but not forced to do so. There will be occasions where one or more children may require extra attention which may change our schedule. If the children are especially enjoying an activity it will be continued with longer than planned. Due to their age, they will be allowed to follow their own sleep schedule. Snacks and water will also be given on demand as needed.