Toddler Class 18 months to 3 years: Once your child is about 18 months of age they should be ready to join the older toddler class. As with other transitions there will be a discussion between parents and teachers prior to the transition. Children will begin by spending short amounts of time in their new class to become acquainted before making a permanent move. In this class they will continue to be able to follow their own sleep schedules. Teachers will plan and carry out experiences that will promote your child’s development. They will be encouraged to do as much for themselves as they are capable with gentle guidance. During this time children learn numerous social and emotional skills that will be needed in the preschool class.

Toddlers: The toddler class program varies from day to day, according to the children’s mood and personalities. The lead teacher prepares and implements age appropriate lesson plans. These lesson plans are carried out throughout class time. As you and your child’s teacher agree on potty training, and your child is showing signs of being ready you must provide pull-ups for your toddler

Toddlers Daily Schedule:

6:00am The Learning Academy opens, Child selected activities*
7:30 Wash up, Prayer, Breakfast
8:00 Child selected activities, Teachers assist with diapers/potty and shoes/coats
8:30 Outside, Gross motor play
9:00   Child selected activities
9:30 Wash up, Prayer, Snack
10:00 Child selected activities, Teacher directed activities
11:30 Wash up, Prayer, Lunch time
12:00pm Nap time, Library and quiet activities for early risers
2:30 Wash up, Prayer, Snack
3:00 Story on carpet, Puzzles, Child directed activities
3:45 Outside, Gross motor play
4:30-6:00 Late Snack, Child selected activities, Goodbyes

*Child-selected activities include but are not limited to: Fine motor, art, music and movement, blocks, dramatic play, math and numbers, nature and science, sand and water play, and books.