This classroom follows along with teaching from the Washington Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines; ( ). Me, My Family and Culture, Building Relationships, Touching, Seeing, Hearing and Moving Around, Growing Up Healthy, Communicating and Learning About My World. We plan individual curriculums for each child while paying extra attention to the Developmental Milestones. Infants will work on holding up their heads independently, tummy time, rolling over, exploring the world around them and introducing solid foods when your child is ready. Please communicate any food that you do not wish your child to receive. Dairy, eggs, and citrus foods will not be introduced until your child is 1 year old and it has been discussed prior. In addition, your child will be allowed to explore the Waddler classroom when space is available and we are able to maintain teacher/child ratios.

Daily Schedule

Infants: The Infant’s class program and schedule varies from day to day, according to the children’s needs. The lead teacher will follow your individual infant’s schedule, and provide age appropriate learning activities throughout the day.