Cela’s Creative Learning Academy believes that learning starts with families and communities and that every child and family has unique gifts and abilities. Children learn through relationships, play and active exploration, and learn best when they are healthy, safe, and free of hunger. CCLA supports children’s learning by focusing on the Washington State Developmental Guideline competency areas: About me and my family and culture; Building relationships; touching, seeing, hearing, and moving around; growing up healthy; communicating; and learning about my world. By incorporating these guidelines into our curriculum, CCLA establishes the foundation that prepares children for school and life.


Research shows that children learn by doing, and they need many opportunities to explore and grow. CCLA will provide activities that foster creativity and promote emotional, cognitive, social, language and physical development. Our daily lessons follow a predictable routine, emphasize safety and participation, and provide many open-ended, multi-sensory activities for the children to explore and discover.

Here at Cela’s we plan an individual and a class curriculum aligned with the WaKids and using the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines – Birth through 3rd Grade to better meet the needs of all the children that we serve. We also have a focus on teaching resilience in children, inclusion, diversity and emotional literacy. Below is a link to The Washington State Early Learning And Development Guidelines.