School Age

School Age: School children do not need to bring school supplies, but do need to have a pair of slippers to change into as soon as they come in from school. They also need a plastic box with extra clothes. My son has a spare change of clothes in his backpack in case of an emergency at “Big” kid school and that is okay.

School Age Daily Schedule:

6:00am The learning academy opens, children have free choice
7:15 Clean up and wash up for breakfast
7:30 Prayer/breakfast will be served to everyone who needs it
8:00 School bus arrives
3:05   School bus arrives
3:05 PM snack time
3:30 Outside time
4:00 Lesson and project time
4:45 Clean up time
4:55 Homework time
5:15 Late snack, Classrooms merge, free choice, teacher directed activities and games
5:50 – 6:00 Clean up and get ready to go home, farewells