School Age

School Age: This classroom follows along with teaching from the Washington Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines; ( ). Me, My Family and Culture, Building Relationships, Touching, Seeing, Hearing and Moving Around, Growing Up Healthy, Communicating and Learning About My World. This classroom will help extend the learning that is happening in the Elementary School, provide individual learning interest areas, explore S.T.E.A.M. activities, focus on Social and Emotional Development and offer opportunities to expand curiosity.

School Age Daily Schedule:

6:00am The Learning Academy Opens, Free Choice Centers
7:25am Wash and Breakfast
8:00am School bus Arrives (9:00 on Friday)
3:00pm School Buss Arrives
3:05pm Wash and Snack
3:15pm Free Choice Centers
3:45pm Recess
4:30pm Circle Time (group discussion/story)
4:40pm Free Choice Centers