Preschool and Pre-K

Preschool 3-4 years: In order to be moved from the toddler class your child must be potty trained. Teachers will also look for other signs of readiness such as follow’s simple directions, can name pictures in a book such as dog, bird or tree, and is gaining skills in independence. This class will be a little more structured than the toddler class and you child will be able to engage independently with a variety of activities.

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Years old up to kindergarten: When your child is meeting typical milestones for four year olds they will be moved into the Pre-K room. Some of the milestones are as follows but not limited to; cooperates with other children, tells stories, begins to write some capital letters and can catch a ball that bounces most of the time. To be ready for Pre-K your child must be self-sufficient in personal care and hygiene routines. Prior to this transition you, your child’s teacher, our program supervisor, and I will have to meet and assess children’s development on an individual basis.

Preschool and Pre-K Program: In addition to our full day program, a part time morning program is offered. Our preschool and Pre-K program is year round to allow more time for learning. If you choose you may enroll your child into just the morning program. The program is from 8:30am to 12:00pm, and a minimum of three days per week and the part time rate will apply.

Preschool and Pre-K Daily Schedule:

6:00am The Learning Academy opens, Child selected activities*
7:25am Clean-up centers, Wash hands, Breakfast
8:00am Child selected activities
8:30am  Circle time with story, music & show and tell
9:00am   Clean-up, Recess
9:30am Snack
10:00am Discuss the weather, then child selected activities
11:10am Clean-up, Story or Music & Movement
11:30am Wash and Rest, Free Choice of Quiet Activities for non-sleeping children
12:00pm Wake up, Snack
2:30pm Recess
3:30pm Wash, Story
3:45-5:00pm Child selected activities until merge
5:00pm Late snack, Child selected activities, Goodbyes

*Child-selected activities include but are not limited to: Fine motor, art, music and movement, blocks, dramatic play, math and numbers, nature and science, sand and water play, writing, and books.